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Aim To identify inpatient stays that might be treated as outpatients.

Cases A hospital stay is considered as unjustified if:

- there is no diagnosis requiring an inpatient stay
4 DiagnosES_list;

- there is no intervention requiring an impatient stay or one day surgery

Eligible population All discharges, except those with only one day duration (death or transferred the admission date).

Interpretation Some unjustified stays cannot be avoided because it needs some time to exclude more severe diagnoses. The expected rate should be lower than a 5% rate.

Observed rate (UJ1) = number of observed cases / number of eligible patients

Expected rate (UJ0) depending on the age of patients and type of admission (planned or not)

Rate excess (DUJ) = observed rate (UJ1) - expected rate (UJ0). Zero if UJ1 < UJ0

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