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Aim                             to measure the quality of surgical interventions (cases / eligible population)

Cases                         A potentially avoidable reoperation may be considered as the consequence of an                                     adverse event or an inappropriate operation.

                                   Only reoperations performed during the same hospitalization are included. A reoperation is considered potentially avoidable if :
- it is related to an anatomic site opened or manipulated during the index intervention
- it is unplanned at the time of the index operation
- it reflects a surgical failure or a complication due to surgery rather than the worsening of the underlying disease.

                                    Potentially avoidable reoperations are identified by a computerized algorithm

4 algorithm

Eligible population    All therapeutic surgical interventions are eligible. A surgical intervention requires at least a breaking of skin or mucous membrane; punctures and injections are not considered surgical. A therapeutic intervention must include at least one non-diagnostic procedure, i.e. a simple biopsy is not included. Operations considered as eligible are listed in the step 1 of the algorithm.

Scientific validation Halfon P, Eggli Y, Matter M, Kallay C, van Melle G, Burnand B.

Risk-adjusted potentially avoidable reoperation rates computed from routine data help hospitals identify quality problems. J Clin epidemiology 2007;60(1):56-67

Eggli Y, Halfon P, Meylan D, Taffé P. Surgical safety and hospital volume across a wide range of interventions. Medical Care 2010; 48(11):962-71

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