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Medical review A medical review tool is provided to view the results per stay (readmissions, day surgery, premature death, unjustified stays) or per operation (reoperations).

Data Before the medical review, you have to run the SQLape results. Thus, the following files will be available:
- case.txt, health.txt, procedure.txt, eligible_discharges.txt, Eligible_operations.txt, etc.

Implementation 1. Installation of the SQLape reviewing tool:

- SQLape-2014.mde if you use a 32 bits Microsoft (Access & Excel) version

- SQLape-2014.accde if you use a 64 bits Microsoft (Access & Excel) version

This tool should be copied on your computer on the same sub-directory you used to compute SQLape results, for instance: D:\SQLape-2014\SQLape-2014-Review.mde.

2. Running calculation

Set the dongle (grey colored) delivered by SQLape s..r.l. in a USB port of your computer, it will install automatically.

Double-click on SQLape-2014.mde/accde application and wait for results.

You have the choice to restrict the analysis to specific hospitals, sites, clinical services, beginning and end of periods with or without random sampling for the following indicators: readmissions, reoperations, day surgery, premature death, unjustified stays.

To print, use the right-click of the mouse.


SQLape s..r.l. 2014. Last update: 29.04.2015