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Aim                                  To analyze the length of stay, depending on the context of care:
- patient discharged at home, not followed by a potentially avoidable
- patient discharged at home, followed by a potentially avoidable readmission
- patient
transferred or dead
nursing home placement
- candidate for one day surgery
- unjustified stay

Length of stay                Total of hospital days, including admission and discharge’s dates, after deduction of possible vacations.

Case definition               In Switzerland, a new definition of the case was introduced in 2012. If a patient is readmitted within 18 days in the same hospital for the same major diagnostic category (MDC), corresponding cases are merged. The Swiss medical records provides the dates of interruptions, as well as the dates of procedures and the reason of the readmissions. To ensure the continuity of the temporal comparisons, actual stays are re-built to identify each hospital stay separately, with corresponding procedures with their dates; however, diagnoses are allocated to every stay. Grouped cases caused by a complication are considered as potentially avoidable. The user can identify those cases with their stay identifier followed by its rank (e.g. 19222110_1, 19222110_2, 19222110_3 if there were two interruptions).

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