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To help you to find the causes of anomalies, the file execution.csv is generated by SQLape® tools.

It provides you with information on the problematic step (CHP = preparing Cases, Health problems and Procedures files), with the duration of its execution (T0 = beginning, T1 = end) with a number of error or explanation text.

Error "Session limit reached"

Cause: SQLape software was not terminated properly due to interruption by the user, which prevents the user from running the SQLape software again.


- Remove the Dongle from its USB socket
- Re-insert the Dongle in the USB socket
- Run the SQLape software again.

Error 2950

Cause: Macros are prevented to execute on your PC.

Answer 1 (if Office is installed on your PC): Manually authorise the execution of macros on your PC
For instance: Access 2010 in English: Menu Files / Options / Trust center / Trust Center settings / Macro settings / Enable All Macros

Answer 2 (if Office is installed on your PC): Move the SQLape files to a trusted location.
For instance: Access 2010 in English: Menu Files / Options / Trust center / Trusted locations.
You may move the SQLape files to an existing Trusted Location, or create a new Trusted Location dedicated to SQLape
4 Further link

If you use an Access Runtime:

Please, do not install Access Runtime if Microsoft Access® is already installed on your computer.
And use the version 2013 (rather than 2010) of Access Runtime®

4   Access Runtime 2013 

Error: SQLape software stops without creating all the TXT and CSV result files.


The most current cause (including “file not found”) is related to functioning of the dongle. Try to install it with Install.exe available at the following address: 4  dongle .Please choose the option “Fortress”.

Other causes are mostly due to differences in configurations between various versions of Windows, which are outside the ability of SQLape® to intervene.


-         Check that the date format on your PC uses the dot (".") as date separator (for example: "31.07.2013", not "31/07/2013" nor "07/31/2013").

-         The SQLape_input.txt does not include the proper number of variables, please check that the SQLape_input.txt file is conform and has
semicolon (“;”) as separator and a CR (“carriage return”) at the end of each record (as usual in windows applications)

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