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A systematic review of hospitalization candidates for one day surgery was conducted on 135376 eligible Swiss stays. The distribution of elective interventions that are feasible in one day care is well supported by the literature was examined.

A random sample of US hospital stays showed that the rate of candidates for one day surgery was low, providing some evidence that the list of procedures considered as feasible in one day surgery is realistic.

Lastly, it was shown that almost all interventions reimbursable as semi-hospitalization (less than 24 hours) in canton of Vaud in 2002 (Switzerland) were considered not to require hospitalization.

Observed rate (DS1)

Expected rate (DS0)

DS1 = number of observed cases / eligible population

DS0 = 15% corresponding to situation in which physicians do not want to take risks, such as: patients without help or care givers at home, no confidence on the patient behavior if a complication occur, home away from hospital, procedure performed later in the day.

Rate excess (DDS): observed rate (DS1) - expected rate (DS0). Zero if DS1 < DS0

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