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Aim To identify inpatient stays that qualify for one day surgery

Cases Patients are considered as eligible for one day surgery if following conditions are applied:

- at least one surgical intervention feasible in one day (4 PROCEDURES_list)

- no diagnosis requiring an inpatient stay (4 DiagnosES_list);

- no intervention requiring an impatient stay (4 PROCEDURES_list).

Most endoscopic procedures, minimally invasive open access procedures, moderately invasive procedures on small organs, highly invasive open access procedures on very small organs are considered as feasible for one day surgery if there is no undue risk of immediate complications (e.g. excess of blood loss), a fast physiological recovery and early ambulation, and a pain control without hospital infrastructure:

4 Algorithm

Eligible population All programmed admission with at least a procedure justifying an inpatient stay or feasible in one day (see above), without transfer or death. Newborns are excluded.

Scientific paper Gilliard N, Eggli Y, Halfon P. A methodology to estimate the potential to move inpatient to one day surgery. BMC Health Service Research 2006;6:78.


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