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Aim                             to measure the incidence of iatrogenic complications and their impact on length of stay

Cases                         a complication is considered as iatrogenic if it is related to:

                                    - anesthesia (Z-cA)
                                    - drug complication (Z-cD)
                                    - health care (Z-cH)

                                    - new born (Z-cN)
                                    - obstetrical (Z-cO)
                                    - surgical procedure (Z-cS)
                                    - surgical procedure, possible (Z-cP)
                                    - radiation (Z-cR)
                                    - decubitus and thrombo-embolic (Z-cT)
                                    - other possible complications (Z-cX)

Eligible population   The domain is related to acute somatic hospital care units only.
                                    Patients admitted in
psychiatric, geriatric and rehabilitation units are excluded.
Eligible stays include all patients’ discharges during the year.

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