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SQLape® is an homonym of « Esculape » (pronounced [eskulaep]) as the god of the physicians, is a registered trade-mark for a tool family designed for cost and quality management and hospital planning.

It is the acronym of “Striving for high Quality Level and Analyzing of Patient Expenditures”.

Aesculapius was the Romans’ god of medicine. He was the son of Apollo and received from Athena two vials of Medusa’s blood, one to kill, the other to raise from the dead. Hades complained to Zeus that the world order was likely to be changed. Zeus then glared Aesculapius but back to life in the form of a serpent, becoming one of its attributes with the stick. Non-venomous snakes were walking freely in the temple of Epidaurus, and Aesculapius revealed healing remedies to priests during their dreams.

Its secrets then lost in the mists of time, Aesculapius himself disappeared, merely appearing here and there as his eponymous snaked. His legend was then reviewed: son of Science and Computer Science, he received two vials one with the power analyzing terrible medical conditions, the other granting miraculous procedures. Some complained that the right order of the world would was likely to be upset. Aesculapius was anew thunderstruck but came back to life as SQLape® with popular properties. If you see a health priest frozen in front of his screen, do not bother him: his quest for health quality at the lowest cost could be disturbed.







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